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Refrigerated Air Dryers

Using clean and dry air is very important for all kind of air powered applications. The moisture or contamination in the air which will come from the standard compressor outlet will cause important system errors. This will decrease productivity. Bad air will not just affect production process, it will also affect the production quality of final products.

ESCOMP provide whole range of products for filtration and air purification applications with a cost effective price.


  • • Low pressure drop saves compressor power
  • • Quick start and reaction time gives you additional time to work
  • • Each dryer is specially designed according to ist flow with the right components to consume lowest energy
  • • The highly energy-efficient R134a refrigerant is a standard fort he whole models
  • • State-of-the-art heat exchanger is the one of the highest cost saving one in the market
  • • Best in class refrigerant compressors consume less energy against competition
  • • Pressure switches control the condenser's fan motor for saving energy and letting the system always operate at desired conditions
  • • Dew point indicator is standard on control panel ERD 23-ERD 5085 and ERD 5850 up to MKE 12500 has a stadandard Digital Cycling capabilities
  • • Electrical wires are separated from refrigerant side
  • • Compact design
  • • Zero clerance compressed air filters with high performance elements
  • • Grooved couplings and fittings
  • • Pressure drop alarm sensor with buzzer alarm for replacing element

Refrigerated Air Dryers - ERD Series

compressed air dryer

Correction Factors

compressed air filters
  • Example for choosing the correct dryer
  • If an air compressor delivers 200 m³/h at 6 bars the dryer inlet temperature is 40°C and ambient temperature is 30°C, please choose the dryer as follows;
  • Compressor Capacity / F1 / F2 / F3 = Dryer Capacity
  • 200 / 0,92 / 0,98 / 0,94 = 236 m³/h requested dryer capacity
  • The correct dryer for this application is ERD 305