WHY ESCOMP Compressors?

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User Friendly

Escomp builds the design of its compressors by aiming high durability . Therefore, if you do not retard the cost-effective periodic maintenances, you can get high efficiency from our products and get benefit for your enterprise for a long time.

24/7 After-Sales Service

In order not to disrupt your production, we stand by you any time , "24/7", with our experienced service staff.

Get Benefit

While technology consistently improves, we proceed our R&D studies in parallel with. Therefore, our products are designed so as to provide high benefit to their users in terms of manufacturing type and ease of use.

Easy Maintenance

In order to produce maintenance friendly and cost effective products, we built easy demountable product designs. Thus and so we minimised the periodic maintenance time loss while maximising the product efficiency.

Practical Use

Our products containing user-friendly control panels are equipped with high security systems which satisfy the operator.


Our products are being produced in the light of experiences gained over the years and with serious R&D studies and with use of high-end materials matching each other. Probable problems are predicted at the production stage through experience and the precautions are carefully taken.


As the screw groups used in our products are of bigger size compared with its equivalents, they operate at lower speeds. Special cowl roving (for the covers/doors) and non-flammable foam rubbers are used for sound isolation inside the cabins.