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Smart Series

ESCOMP offers an efficient, silent, user friendly, easy-to-use compressed air solutions to its customers with SMART Series compressors.

Each parts of SMART Series screw compressors are being produced and assembled within international quality standards, and which have been designed to meet compressed air needs of small and medium sized enterprises and in a manner to have nonstop operation characteristics in different application areas.


  • • New generation rotary screw blocks, designed with latest technological tools and manufactured using high-end manufacturing techniques, provide high efficiency, durability and low energy consumption with new rotor profile and lobe combination
  • • High efficiency heavy-duty, IE2 energy class IP55 motor, having long service life with its robust structure and providing trouble-free and high efficiency power transmission
  • • Drive system with a belt-pulley mechanism selected according to a certain transfer ratio between the screw block and the main motor. PolyV-belt with 25000 hours operating lifetime
  • • Motor drive system with star-delta connection
  • • Electropneumatic load-unload controlled suction valve promising low pressure drop and high performance; offering safe operation performance up to 8000 hours; and providing maintainability with its lean design
  • • Two-stage air-suction filter system with dashboard filter and replaceable paper filter element minimising problems which may occur in dusty atmosphere by providing fresh air for screw block and cooling system
  • • Three-stage spin-on air/oil separator and tank providing more effective separation in lower volume through its deep-bedded interlocked separation levels, and offering oil density less than 3mg/m3 (after separation)
  • • Plate/Bar type aluminium combi cooler with axial fan system, providing effective cooling and smooth operation under any working condition
  • • Smooth and high-flow air-oil circulation through hoses resistant to high pressure and temperature and specially designed for compressed air applications
  • • LCD control panel indicating operational and service functions in the way that users from every level of experience can easily understand
  • • Electric panel, where world class quality product offering brands are preferred in its design, and equipped with all kind of safety system
  • • Dry-type air intake filter at 3 micron resolution
  • • Rigid base plate and compact canopy design requiring minimum footprint
  • • Ease of service with the demountable service covers offering easy access to each point of the machine
  • • Non-flammable canopy coating minimising sound level.
  • • Vibration pads made of special rubber, which eliminate vibration or any problem may arise from vibration
  • • Factory-filled oil with 2000 working hours lifecycle.


  • • Water cooling system (ESC S15 – S30))
  • • -40°C cold start option
  • • Water Separator (ESC S15 – S30)
  • • Food grade oil
  • • IE3 energy class main motor
  • • Versions with air receiver only and air-receiver-air dryer (Combi) (ESC S4-S15)
  • • Power grid options other than 380V/3 phase/50Hz

Screw Compressors - Belt/Pulley Drive System (4kW – 30kW)

piston compressor
  • *Refers free air delivery measured according to ISO1217:2009, Annex.C
    Values are recorded in reference conditions which are 1 bar absolute pressure, 0% relative humidity, 20°C air inlet temperature and 71°C thermostatic valve set temperature.
  • ** Refers to sound pressure level measured according to ISO2151:2004 and ISO 9614/2 with ±3 dB(A) tolerance.
  • ESCOMP reserves its rights to make changes in its products and specifications without prior notice.
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